Why Don’t I Get Beets or Radishes?

Why Don’t I Get Beets or Radishes?

Why don’t I get beets or radishes, only leaves?  I often get asked this question.  Watch  video for a complete answer.

When you are getting only leaves in beets or radishes without bulb formation can be attributed to several reasons. The following factors may contribute to this problem:


Beets and radishes require adequate spacing for proper growth. Beets and radishes need to be thinned when leaves are starting to form. When they are too close together, it can lead to leafy tops and poor root development.

Nutrient Imbalance

A lack of phosphorus in the soil can result in small or deformed beets. If the soil is rich in nitrogen, it may promote lush leaves only rather than bulb production. Adding phosphorus, such as bone meal, to the soil can help promote root development.

Soil Conditions

Beets prefer well-draining, loose soil and need a minimum of five hours of sun a day. They also don’t do well in acidic soil with a pH of 5.5 or less. Testing the soil for Ph and adding lime if the Ph is below 6.5 will ensure the right soil conditions are proper bulb formation.

Variety of Beets

Beets and radishes need to be thinned earlywhen leaves are starting to form. Some varieties are stronger at producing greens rather than roots.

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Once these factors are addresses, the development of beets and radishes, can lead to better bulb formation and overall plant health.

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