Fabric Row Covers: Keeping Bugs Out!

Fabric Row Covers: Keeping Bugs Out!

What are some benefits of fabric row covers

Lightweight row covers are great for keeping bugs out. The biggest advantage of fabric row covers is that they help with insect control. The most effective way is if you place the row cover immediately after you plant your crops, be it spring, summer of fall. Due to the extra warmth provided by the fabric row cover, vegetables will develop faster in spring also the plant leaves will be bigger. In the fall the row covers extend the growing season. It’s the best I have seen that controls insects without chemicals of any kind.

Vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are extremely difficult to grow. Keeping out caterpillars from getting into the heads as they develop is a significant challenge. To read about broccoli click here.   https://www.gardeningtheorganicway.com/vegetables/growing-broccoli/

and to read more about cauliflower click here:  https://www.gardeningtheorganicway.com/vegetables/how-to-grow-cauliflower/

I use the lightest weight fabric row cover for the summer season. Keep an eye on the weather, if it gets warm fast then the cover needs to be removed.

Late placement of covers and pest management

If for some reason you do place the cover after the plants have been outside for a while, you need to continue to inspect for insect damage. Look for the larva or for caterpillars. Since the adults will not have access to the plants you will not have any new eggs. There will be plenty of old eggs hatching for several weeks to come. You will have to remove the covers or hand pollinate, were practical, for plants to get pollinated like the squashes.

See video for more information

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