Materials Needed To Make Compost

Materials Needed To Make Compost

What materials needed to make compost The possibilities are endless when thinking of what you can add to your compost. The lists are meant as guidelines to help you create a compost that easily generates the heat necessary to decompose organic material.

  • Ideally, the organic material should be chopped into small pieces. For instance, you can shred dried leaves with a lawn mower. This creates more surface area for microorganism to attack resulting in more microorganisms.
  • Add lots of water when you make the compost.
  • The decomposition process takes longer when there is a lot of material.
  • The brown ingredients are usually high in carbon and tend to be dry. (woodchips, saw dust, hay, wood ashes, eggshells, leaves) Don’t use walnut leaves as they prevent germination of seeds.
  • The materials which are green have a higher nitrogen and moisture content. (grass clippings, plant cuttings, manure, coffee grounds, vegetable and fruit scraps)
  • A mixture of both the brown and green is ideal as the temperature increases and the moisture level can be maintained more easily.
  • The compost should feel damp when you hold it. If it is a rainy season then place a tarp on top of the compost bins.
  • If it is very dry you will have to water regularly or place it under a downspout to create moisture.
  • If you have less than 10 gallons (37.8541 liters) of material you probably want to consider a kitchen composter or small compost pail. When using a pail the top layer is soil to keep the smell under control.
  • Once you have all the materials needed to make compost you are ready.

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  • Animal feces (cat litter & feces, dog feces)
  • Coal ash
  • Cooked food
  • Disposable diapers
  • Fish
  • Human waste
  • Meat

To make the actual compost, create alternating layers between brown and green with some started compost and water. See blog on Process and layering for compost.  See video on What happens when turning the compost pile and the video on Turning a compost pile  These videos will help you make great compost!