Composting in the Winter

Composting in the Winter

Do We Just Throw Away Scraps of Vegetables in the Winter?

Composting in the winter is a golden opportunity to make back gold. When it’s cold outside and whether you live in a small apartment or a large home with lots of land, sometimes we tend to forget about composting. Winter can last months. During this time, we accrue a multitude of vegetable scraps, which are black gold in the making.

My bucket challenge

How to Compost in the Winter

Composting in the winter requires a simple pail in a small closet, or getting a Bokashi Bucket. Also just double up a simple black sturdy garbage bag. keep it in the garage, shed, or in a garbage pail with a lid. All these locations have no heat. In the closet by the kitchen I keep a small 5 gallon pail with a lid. I have a second pail with some compost in the garage. I cover the vegetable scraps with a little soil or compost, sprinkle filtered water and cover with the lid. Once the pail is full, I dump it inside the plastic bag in the garage.

Sounds like work?  Not really. 

When composting in the winter for a small family the bucket gets full about every 3 to 4 weeks. If it starts to smell is because it doesn’t have enough soil or compost covering the vegetable scraps. My trips to the garage are far and few. When the winter ends, I usually have two large plastic bags full of partially made compost. I add this directly to a planting bed or to a regular compost pile. The material tends to be slurry and almost fully decomposed. If I add it to the planting bed, I plant after two to three weeks. The worms love the food and thousands will gather to feast. See video The Art of Composting in a Black Bag: Limited Space, Unlimited Potential

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