Garden the Organic Way Book!

Garden the Organic Way Book!

The book, Garden the Organic Way is available in soft cover. It will make a great gift for the holidays and a fabulous reading during the slow gardening months. This is a great time to plan your garden! You can incorporate numerous techniques for next year, increase your production for the next crop, and witness your garden flourish as you embrace organic gardening practices. Garden the Organic Way is a comprehensive guide to organic gardening that will take you through all stages from being an absolute beginner right to harvesting delicious fruits and vegetables, through soil restoration, and sustainable practices. Get your paperback copy: 

My blog offers a number of topics on multiple vegetables and special organic gardening techniques. Read this blog on  Why my carrots not germinating?

On SALE now! great price on my soil course until February 7, 2024. Learn about soil microbes, creating black gold and restoring the soil into a fertile ground. Just some of the topics covered: Course: Soil, The Key to Organic Gardening.

Great price on this course until February 7, 2024. Learn all about growing tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and eggplants! Take my course. It includes videos providing information on how to prune tomatoes, and the growing practices of this whole Solanaceous family.  Great visuals along with many tips and techniques are covered.  Complementing the book “Garden the Organic Way”.   Grow tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and eggplants just like the experts!

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