Why Organic Gardening

Why Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is popularly thought of as growing things without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemicals such as pesticides. The USDA adds bioengineering and ionizing radiation to that definition. Actually, the concept of organic gardening is much greater than this. Organic gardening encompassing the ideas of being in harmony with nature and recognizing the interconnectedness of all species both plant and animal.

Before WWII

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All gardening was “organic” because there were no chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers to poison our food or the environment. Since that time their prevalence has resulted in the need to go back to the soil, clean it, and grow food without any artificial aids. Reclaiming our natural heritage takes time and patience as we nurture our organic gardens, but, in the end, the tastier results coupled with the knowledge that we are preserving and cleaning up the earth, make it worth the effort and hard work!

Impact on Health

In addition, we must not lose sight of something as simple as caring for our bodies by eating healthy. Teaching our children that food does not come from a box or a can is critical. Showing them that organically growing our own food, even if just for a small portion of what we eat, is the way they will learn to appreciate good food. In this way they will learn how it should taste and how the earth provides delicious food. Being aware that the tomatoes which are purchased can be thrown halfway across the room and land perfectly fine, since they are bred to endure abuse versus flavor and nutrition. Compared this to the richness of biting into a tomato fresh from a  vine which has a richness and incomparable flavor that clearly imprints a memory of goodness and comfort.

Supporting Organic Gardening

Unless there is access to a local organic farm, community supported agriculture or a small organic garden of our own, these experiences and appreciations will be missed forever by a generation who sees food mostly in a package. A food that is alive, filled with earth’s energies can only bring a smile to those who consume it. The only memories most kids have is what they see on TV. The real flavor of fresh food is long gone by the time food is presented to them to eat.

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The word environment has become almost a dirty word, highly politicized and twisted. The environment is simply our surroundings which we occupy along with all other type of organism that exist. But a fundamental principle exists uniformly across the whole planet. The most fundamental principle of organic gardening is to treat the soil as a live organism.

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