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Marleny Franco has recently completed her book Garden the Organic Way. She transformed her love of the natural-growing cycle and the joyous satisfaction of Garden Mastery into this handy guide, and trusted reference, on how to harmoniously partner with nature in a symbiotic-living cycle. Working with the earth has always brought her peace of mind, and her zeal to pass on this passion to others has led her to compile her knowledge and years of research into a must-have guide for all gardeners.

Marleny’s passion for growing fresh and healthy foods were first ignited visiting her uncle’s farm in the temperate mountains of Colombia as a child. Later in life, she went on to receive her master’s degree as a Horticulturalist. After college, she was recruited to be a County Agent to lead a highly successful urban gardening program.

Her connection to nature, and love of teaching to garden in the urban setting, pushed her to found and executively direct a horticultural and environmental not-for-profit conservancy for 15 years. Their goal was to teach vegetable gardening. Her award-winning educational programs reached over 200,000 urban residents and transformed the landscape (literally) of urban areas throughout the state. She went on to start her own landscaping business, where she helped clients work with native species to bring their land to life, and to create a self-sustaining biome that brings joy to others.

In this book, Marleny shares her many years of experience in organic gardening with her readers. Information that every gardener should know and practice in order to feel a connection to the earth is kept within these pages. In her retirement years she hopes to continue to help others form these connections so a deep love of nature can be achieved, and the blessings of plentiful food can be received in return by gardening the Organic Way.

She will continue to help clients to plan and install organic vegetable gardens and edible landscapes. Marleny Franco will continue to promote organic gardening via her multiple presentations on proper soil preparation, soil restoration, various vegetable families, insects that attack your vegetables, vegetable garden maintenance and general gardening skills to have a successful organic garden.