Garden the Organic Way presents an engaging, practical guide to understanding why we should garden organically as well as every detail on how to garden successfully.  Franco’s passion and knowledge about the power and purpose of organic gardening transforms this subject, which can seem intimidating and technical, into something accessible for anyone.  

After a rich discussion of this beautiful imperative, Franco takes us on a gentle journey to becoming a top-notch organic gardener. We learn about how soil is the key to organic gardening as well as how to care for it. We learn practical techniques that help us to plan and prepare a garden from each season’s beginning to end. Franco informs us how and when to use compost and mulch. She covers the basics on many of the different fertilizers: chemical, organic, liquid, animal, compost tea.

She highlights how we can bring back bees—something immensely essential to good gardening as well as a balanced ecosystem.  

After laying the foundation for a successful garden, through proper planning, soil preparation, and cultivating bees, Franco walks us through the specifics of twelve families of vegetables and how to plant and tend to them.

Garden the Organic Way is accessible and fun to read. It will open your eyes to many fascinating facts as your journey through all aspects of organic gardening. Marleny expertly summarizes wisdom gained from decades of practice and experience, distilling it into easily digestible insights that serve to guide gardeners in a practical and enlightening manner. 

Organic gardening, put simply, brings balance, health, joy and healing. It is crucial for our health as well as the survival and health of our Earth.

This comprehensive guide to organic gardening designed for all skill levels provides methods for growing delicious, pesticide-free vegetables using sustainable practices.


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