About Us

Professional horticulturist, Marleny Franco, has been working in the landscaping and organic gardening for over twenty-two years. This owner operated company designs and implements a multitude of gardens and landscapes.  We do overall landscape maintenance from shrub and small tree pruning to annual and perennial bed maintenance.  We help clients to plan and install organic vegetable gardens and edible landscapes.

We create the artwork in your yard and can custom design the landscapes according to the themes and preferences each customer desires to express.

We properly train our staff in landscaping and horticulture emphasizing proper soil preparation, planting, pruning, mulching, maintenance and general gardening skills.

Let us assist you in creating an attractive atmosphere a place of peace and serenity where you can relax and enjoy the beauty.   The outer is the expression of the inner.  

Mission Statement

Gardening The Organic Way LLC is dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations through superior education, design, and execution. Our goal is to treat every garden with the care and attention it deserves with an eye on the practical aspects of outdoor space beautification.

We build long-term relationships, are committed to implementing your landscaping dreams in a creative and fun way, and leave everlasting impressions and a return on your investment.