Why Organic?

Organic gardening is popularly thought of as growing things without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemicals such as pesticides. The USDA adds bioengineering and ionizing radiation.

We help clients to plan and install organic vegetable gardens and edible landscapes.

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Landscaping Organically

Professional horticulturist, Marleny Franco, has been working in the Green industry for over twenty-two years. This owner operated company designs and implements a multitude of gardens and landscapes.

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Online Courses

There are various courses offered that will make you an expert organic gardener. These courses are the foundation for developing a great garden while restoring our earth.

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Organic Pest & Weed Control

There are times when one has tried everything yet the bugs and diseases prevail. Biological organic control can help with this. It will set back those fungi or insects and give your plants a fighting chance.

We can also wipe out those weeds from driveway or pavers with safe mixtures that will not harm the environment.

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Garden Services

Gardening The Organic Way LLC

Gardening the Organic Way is a unique company that merges your food production with your landscape. We can help you with your gardening and landscaping-related needs, from site analysis, design, installation, and implementation to year-round maintenance.